Yoga - so much more than transcendence into a pretzel!!

When asked, the general impression of yoga seems to be that of ‘bendy pretzel shapes, chanting and odd breathing practices’.

As such, many people believe yoga is ‘not for them’.

We believe yoga is for everyone.

The 8 limbs of yoga

What the average person sees as yoga…the postures, or asana, as they are called traditionally…is only one of 8 disciplines that make up yoga. Yup, it might be the easiest part too.

  • There are 2 other parts that focus on behavioural practices and principles; how to treat others and how to treat yourself.

  • Then there is a part focussed just on the use of the breath to improve strength and wellbeing; the benefits of this alone are immense in physical, mental and emotional terms

  • There are 3 other parts focussed on increasingly calming the mind and meditation; one develops the ability to detach from the distractions around you, one increases focus and concentration and the other improves awareness, mindfulness and meditation practice

  • Then there is one that makes available true self-knowledge; you don’t really practice this one…it is more of an achievement based on the others that then impacts your entire life. If you want to achieve this you need…well, lets just call it “more than the average level of commitment and discipline we see in most yoga classes…or in life…today”.

Each limb has value on its own or if adopted to compliment asana. What do you want yoga to be for you?

Find your yoga

Nicky and I believe in the real value and purpose of yoga and want to share the benefits with as many people as possible. In our yoga classes you will find asana (the physical bit), focus on breath, mindfulness, respect for each other and for ourselves.

You will find a firm belief in the physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga when practiced with intent.

Our yoga classes are a place where you can come and discover your yoga…without judgement or pressure to be like anyone other than who you are.

As was intended with yoga, we aim to teach with you in mind. Our classes are small enough for us to focus attention where it is needed.

So if you want to be stronger, calmer and healthier than you have been before…try a yoga class with us.

With us, yoga is not about becoming a perfect instagram shape in each posture. It is about becoming your best version of the posture...your best version of you.

Best bound side angle I could do that day...

Yoga must be taught with the student in mind. There is no ONE yoga. Each person has abilities and constraints that will influence their yoga.

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