A time and a place..

Let’s find them!

‘Older wisdom’ says “There is a time and a place for everything.”


You’ve heard it said. I’ve heard it said.

Not sure who said it first or how old they were when saying it, but this morning these words are front of my mind.

I woke up at a dark hour. Not difficult for this time of year. A time we naturally turn inward as the world around us does the same; to restore for a next round.

It seemed like a time to meditate, so I looked for a place in my BnB room and found one...right next to the bed.

I spent 20 minutes placing my awareness a little bit behind my mind; feeling my body warm and my energy rise, calmly.

It then felt like a time to get my energy moving some more.

I looked for a place to unroll my yoga mat and found the centre of the room was ideal. Clearance for my arms and legs in all directions.

When getting going in the morning, an energetic, slightly stronger yoga practice builds energy and activates the sympathetic nervous system a bit; setting you up to face the outer world with vigour. Just before bed at night is not the time for this type of practice!!😉

This morning I got something right, I think. The time? The place? Could be any place... what I did? Definitely.

I feel good! Joy and lightness for breakfast. Energy to spare.


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